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Ringwickelgeräte von Ramatech zum Wickeln von Kabelringen


Our ring coiling machines and coil binding machines

Our Ramatech ring coiling machines automatically wind your cut and stripped cables into compact rings. Cables up to 35 mm in diameter can be processed. The cable is fed directly onto the winding plate of the ring winder via a guide tube and wound around the extended mandrels with an individually adjustable cable ring diameter. After this process, the mandrels lower automatically, the protective flap can be opened and the cable ring can be removed. The adjustable parameters can be set quickly and easily on an LCD control terminal.

Ramatech ring coilers have various interfaces to different wire processing machines such as the Speedy 40, RS 40 and other makes and are therefore the ideal downstream equipment for expanding into a complete wire production line.

Winding, tying and transporting cables

We offer our coil winding machines in three different versions: C (Coil), CB (Coil & Bind) and CBP (Coil & Bind & Pull). In the C version, a guide tube guides the cable directly onto the winding plate and this is bound into a cable ring (coil). The CB version also has a modular attachment including a binding device, with which the cable rings are manually bound together with elastic rubber cord. In the CBP version of our coil winding machines, the tying process is fully automatic and the finished cable coils are ejected automatically.