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Our KRI 450 series ring coilers for rings with an outer diameter of up to 390 mm

Our ring coilers wind cut-to-length cables into rings. There are three versions: C (Coil), CB (Coil & Bind) and CBP (Coil & Bind & Pull). With the C version, the cable is simply wound into a ring on a winding plate. With the CB version, you can also use a modular attachment to push the ring to the integrated binding device and fix it there manually with elastic rubber cord. Even heavy cable rings can be easily pushed over the table to the right.

With the KRI 450 CBP, you get a ring coilers with automatic winding and tying. A gripper element and an axis for the cross offset are used to move the wound cable ring into the tying position, where it is tied with elastic rubber cord. After successful tying, the ring is automatically ejected and can be placed directly or via a roller conveyor into a box and optionally transported away with an automated guided vehicle (AGV).

The device has two operating modes: automatic mode with handling unit and tying device and simple wrapping mode for manual removal without tying device. The respective operating mode depends largely on the weight and dimensions of the cable ring.

Features of the KRI 450 C series

  • up to 18 mm cable diameter

  • Winding rings
    from 1.5 m
    cable length

  • Optional with (automatic) setting process

  • Ideal as a
    downstream device
    for cableprocessing

  • Winding diameter



KRI 850 series ring coiling machines for cable coils up to 850 mm diameter

Ring coilers WBA 400 for cable coils up to 380 mm diameter with automatic binding station

Automated guided vehicle system (AGV) for fully automatic removal of the bound cable coils