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WBA 220 and WBA 400 automatic high-speed winding machines

Ramatech’s high-performance ring coilers for coiling cable rings and tying make everything fully automatic. The cable is compactly wound onto a programmable tension using a laying unit and automatically tied twice with an elastic rubber cord. After the tying process, the cable ring is pushed sideways onto a table, conveyor belt or into a box. After the winding and tying process, the two cable ends remain free for the same length. This is practical for further processing.

Easy integration into a production control system or ERP system makes the WBA series ideal as a fully automatic solution for coiling and tying cable coils downstream of your wire processing machine. Even the threading and clamping of the start of the wire is fully automatic with the upstream wire processing machine, such as our Speedy 40 or RS 40.

We offer the automatic winder for winding and binding cable coils as WBA 220 for outer diameters up to 220 mm and as WBA 400 for outer diameters up to 380 mm.

Everything is fully automatic with the WBA 220 and 400

  • Automated threading and further transport

  • Ideal for further processing

  • Fully automatic wrapping and binding machine

  • Ideal as a downstream device for cable processing

  • Coiling diameter individually adjustable

  • Integration in ERP system possible



Ring coilers KRI 450 series for cable coils up to 390 mm outer diameter.

KRI 850 series coil winding machines for cable coils up to 850 mm in diameter.

Perfect for our Speedy 40 and RS 40 wire processing machines