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Kabel die mit unseren Kabel Abläng- und Abisoliermaschinen bearbeitet wurden


Our powerful and flexible cutting and stripping machines

Ramatech cable cutting and stripping machines are powerful, flexible and precise. Cables with a diameter of 3 mm to 40 mm and a cross-section of up to 400 mm² (with optional hydraulic cutting unit) are cut precisely to length and optionally stripped to lengths >10 mm. They are operated via user-friendly software in which orders can be easily created and material properties quickly adjusted. Our cutting and stripping machines can also be equipped with inkjet printing for cable labeling. The Speedy 40 also scores points with an optional slitting unit and short set-up times for material changes, while the RS 40 features cable tension control.

Simple connection of cable feed systems and coiling devices

Our automatic cutting and stripping machines also come from the same source as our diverse and powerful peripheral devices (feeding and subsequent devices). Whether drum unwinders, cable feeders, drum winders or ring winders – they all work perfectly together with the Speedy 40 and RS 40. Our Ramatech machines are therefore 100% compatible with each other and enable an uncomplicated and flexible expansion to a complete cable processing line.