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The powerful RS 40 / 40 H cable cutting machine

The RS 40 is a powerful cable cutting machine for cable diameters from 4 to 40 mm and cable cross-sections up to 400 mm². In order to cut large cable cross-sections up to 400 mm² and cables with a high copper content that are difficult to process, the RS 40 H is available with an optional hydraulic cutting unit – the power cutting unit for work areas where others can no longer keep up.

Precise tension control enables production directly from a (passive) cable reel frame.

The cable cutting machine is user-friendly due to the quick and rational input of cable data via the LCD terminal.

The predefined configuration allows the cable cutting machine to be perfectly integrated into an entire cable processing line with feeding devices such as cable unwinders or reel racks and downstream devices such as cable ring coilers or cable stackers. To make this even easier, it can be fitted with guided wheels on request so that it can be easily moved along a cable reel rack.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Gentle cable transport

  • Precise tension

  • Diameter < 40 mm
    and cross-sections
    up to 400 mm²

  • Power cutting unit

  • Simple expansion
    to a cable processing line



all active Ramatech cable reel unwinding systems

all cable coiling machines and automatic coil and binding systems for winding cable rings

Ramatech cable stackers for depositing cable sections