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Kabelabwickler mit Abwickelrollen zum Abwickeln von Kabeltrommeln


Our Ramatech Cable Dreeling Systems

Ramatech cable dereelers are the ideal feeding devices for your cable processing line. They can be easily and simply integrated into new or existing production lines and score points by automatically adapting the unwinding speed to the downstream processing line. Our CE-certified dereelers can withstand the heaviest loads and still protect the cables thanks to the attached accumulator. Due to the different requirements, we offer our cable dereelers in different sizes and designs. You can choose whether you want to unwind one or more cable drums, whether you need a drive wheel and for which cable drum diameters the machines should be designed. The rama 1600 version can even handle cable drums with a diameter of up to 1600 mm and a weight of up to 2000 kg.

What is special about our cable dereelers?

The rama 800, 1000 and 1250 feature the unique drum tensioning system developed by Ramatech, which allows easy handling of even heavy cable drums without the need for carriers such as roller axles. The rama 1600 and rama FLEX and TWIN, on the other hand, are fitted with a drum axle.
All our dereelers are easy to operate and require minimal and cost-effective maintenance.