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rama 1250 and rama 1600 for large and heavy cable drums

Like the smaller rama 800 and rama 1000 models, the rama 1250 and rama 1600 dereelers are ideal feeders for your cable processing machine. They differ from the smaller models in that they have larger possible drum diameters (1250 mm for the rama 1250 and 1600 mm for the rama 1600) and heavier weights (1 t for the rama 1250 and up to 2 t for the rama 1600). Stiff cables can be unwound easily, as well as flexible and thin cables using optional additional loops.

For the rama 1250, centering cones in various sizes, a cable end monitor and a special device for moving the cable reels sideways back and forth are also available. In addition, a storage plus with additional deflections and a pneumatic linear storage can be ordered with this dereeler.

The rama 1600 is the only dereeler that requires an axle and centering flanges. These are not necessary for the rama 1250 due to special roller centering.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Drums up to
    1600 mm diameter
    & 2 tons weight

  • Unique roller tensioning system

  • Easy handling

  • Suitable for stiff and flexible cables

  • Speichersystem Ramatech Abwickler

  • Simple integration
    into the
    production line

  • For large and heavy cable drums



Drum dereeler rama 800 & rama 1000 for drums up to 1000 mm diameter and 600 kg

Double dereeler rama TWIN with pneumatic drive wheel for each cable drum

Dereeler rama FLEX for production with 4-8 cable drums