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With our rama FLEX cable dereeler

The Ramatech rama FLEX cable feeding system automatically unwinds cables and feeds them to a downstream cable processing machine. It can accommodate cable drums up to 1200 mm in diameter and 1000 mm wide. A weight of up to 1000 kg per drum is permitted. Not only one cable drum is used, but production with 4 to 8 cable drums is possible. This cable feeding system is therefore the ideal addition to your cable processing line if you want to produce without interruption. During ongoing operation, the unused cable drums can be alternately changed from behind with a forklift, so that there is always a new supply of full cable drums available. The large number of cable drums drastically increases the processing speed and ensures an almost uninterrupted unwinding process.

For this to work, each cable drum of the cable feed system is individually driven by its own air profile wheel, which is pneumatically pressed against the spool flanges with adjustable pressure.

Your advantages at a glance

  • High processing

  • Consistent length accuracy

  • Simple integration
    into production line

  • 4-8 cable drums
    in use

  • Almost uninterrupted unwinding process


Dereeler rama 800 and rama 1000 for drums up to 1000 mm diameter and 600 kg

Drum unwinder rama 1250 and rama 1600 for drums up to 1600 mm diameter and 2 t

rama TWIN double dereeler with pneumatic drive wheel for each drum