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Our double dereeler rama TWIN

Two cable drums can be unwound with the rama TWIN double dereeler. Each cable drum has its own pneumatic drive wheel, which is pressed against the spool flanges with adjustable pressure. During production, the drums can be changed alternately from the rear using the forklift. This means you can always continue unwinding with one drum. This allows you to achieve high processing speeds, making the rama TWIN the ideal addition to your wire processing machine when speed is of the essence.

Unwinding cable drums with the rama TWIN is very gentle on the cable. The machine combines a gentle mode of operation with minimal tensile force that does not overstretch the cables. It therefore makes a significant contribution to the consistent length accuracy of your cable processing line.

The rama TWIN can accommodate cable drums up to 1050 mm in diameter and 750 mm wide. A weight of 750 kg per drum is permitted.

  • Gentle operation
    with the lowest

  • Consistent length accuracy

  • Short changeover

  • Two cable drums
    in one dereeler

  • Simple integration
    into production line


Drum dereeler rama 800 and rama 1000 for drums up to 1000 mm diameter and 600 kg

Drum dereeler rama 1250 and rama 1600 for drums up to 1600 mm diameter and 2 t

Dereeler rama FLEX for production with 4-8 cable drums