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Ramatech Kabel Lagersystem für Kabeltrommeln


Our cable reel storage systems

Ramatech offers cable storage systems for cable drums and cable reels in semi-automatic and fully automatic versions. This means you never have to worry about limited storage and production space again. Our systems focus on combining storage and production space. By reducing internal coil transportation, forklift truck journeys are cut by up to 80 % and changeover times are significantly reduced. The integrated cable storage system of our cable storage systems controls the cable payout and prevents overstretching or elongation of cables, thus enabling high unwinding speeds.

Say "yes" to fully automated cable storage systems

Our fully automatic cable storage system “Cable Cat” makes the best use of storage and production space. The complete elimination of transport or storage pallets increases the storage capacity by up to 50% and thus increases your efficiency by a further 50% compared to manual or semi-automatic systems – and with higher production output. The system is individually adapted to your production requirements depending on your space conditions and cable drum specifications.