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Our passive cable rack RAMA LA 01

The Ramatech RAMA LA 01 cable rack is a passive storage system and therefore the simplest type of cable drum storage. The drums can only be unwound manually – without a drive unit. The RAMA LA 01 is designed for any number of cable drums up to a maximum diameter of 1250 mm and a weight of 1000 kg. Thanks to a stand depth of 1100 mm, pallets can also be stored above the cable drum levels.

It is available in different versions. Depending on the type, it can be loaded with a forklift truck on one or both sides and stores drums at the front, rear or center of the rack. The shaft bearings are height-adjustable and can therefore be adapted to different reel sizes. In addition to the straight cable rack, there is also an angled version with a 5° incline and drums up to 500 kg. A maximum load of 3000 kg for 6 cable drums on top of each other per rack bay must not be exceeded.

All racks are tailored to your specific requirements as part of a modular system and rack bays can be combined as required

Your advantages at a glance

  • For any number of drums up to 1200 mm diameter

  • Various hall dimensions
    can be covered

  • Can be customized

  • Manual storage
    of drums

  • Straight or angled design


Forklift attachment for the safe transportation of cable drums and easy loading of storage systems

Active cable storage RAMA LA 02 with unwinding drive

RAMA LA 03/ LA 04 Cable reel rack with motorized platform with cable processing line

Fully automatic RAMA LA 05 “Cable Cat” cable drum storage system for optimum use of space