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Our active cable storage RAMA LA 02

The RAMA LA 02 cable storage system is an active storage system. It allows cable drums to be unwound not only passively, but also actively with an unwinding drive. The laterally movable drive unit with rubber wheel accelerates the cable drum to be unwound, thereby significantly increasing the unwinding speed. The RAMA LA 02 is designed for reels up to a maximum diameter of 1250 mm and a weight of 800 kg, or up to 1200 kg with special bearings. You can choose between a pneumatic storage arm for cable diameters up to 35 mm or a linear storage arm for thin conductors up to 20 mm. The cable storage system can be easily loaded from the front or rear using a forklift truck and the drive tower can be driven over to enable quick cable changes.

You can adapt the cable storage system specifically to your needs. For example, you can set up your production line with our RAMA LA 02 in a 180° line or, if space is tight, at a 90° angle using the rotatable cable storage system. The system is supplied as standard with the production direction from left to right. However, it can also be set up from right to left for a small surcharge.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Various hall
    dimensions can be covered

  • with active unwind drive

  • Optimal utilization
    of storage and production areas

  • For drums up to max. 1250 mm diameter

  • Can be customized



Forklift attachment for the safe transportation of cable drums and easy loading of storage systems

Passive cable bearing RAMA LA 01 in straight or angled design without unwinding drive

Semi-automatic cable reel rack RAMA LA 03/ LA 04 with motorized platform

Fully automatic cable drum storage system RAMA LA 05 “Cable Cat” with double unwinders