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RAMA LA 05 Cable Cat and RAMA LA 06 AGV (automated guided vehicle system)

The fully automatic Cable Cat cable drum storage system combines storage and production space thanks to integrated double unwinders. These have two drum positions: One drum produces and the other is pre-equipped and waiting to be used. As a result, there are no waiting times due to cable changes and efficiency is increased by 50% compared to manual or semi-automatic systems. The integrated warehouse management software enables access to every drum at any time and ensures maximum transparency.

The Cable Cat cable drum storage system is suitable for cables up to 35 mm in diameter and drums from 400 mm to 1000 mm in diameter and a maximum weight of 600 kg. All systems are individually adapted to your production. We take into account space and room conditions, the desired number of reels, weight and size. In addition to the drum storage system with fully automatic handling robot and double unwinder with cable storage, the scope of supply also includes a loading station for incoming and outgoing storage and an interface for connecting cable processing lines and higher-level merchandise management systems.

Best price/performance ratio for many cable drums with our Cable Cat cable drum bearing

Automated guided vehicle system RAMA LA 06 AGV for direct connection of cable processing line and cable drum warehouse

The advanced and fully automated RAMA LA 06 AGV solution connects the cable processing line and the cable drum warehouse directly by means of a driverless transport system, thus linking the storage and production location in an intelligent way. Ramatech unwinding machines are loaded and unloaded fully automatically. The transport system is equipped with laser navigation, sensors for scanning the environment with disance-dependent speed reduction and device stop and a fork attachment for directly picking up cable drums. Cable reels weighing up to 1500 kg can be transported up to a lifting height of 8 m.

  • Significant production gain

  • Best price/performance
    performance ratio for many drums

  • Best possible
    utilization of storage and production areas

  • 50% more economical
    than other systems

  • Individually adapted to your needs



Passive cable bearing RAMA LA 01 without unwinding drive in straight or angled design

Active cable rack RAMA LA 02 with drive unit for faster unwinding of cable drums

Semi-automatic cable reel rack RAMA LA 03/ LA 04 with motorized platform for cable production line