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Our Ramatech ring winder series

Ramatech cable ring winders are perfect for flush and tidy cable laying after uncoiling. Sometimes cable rings have an advantage over a cable drum, depending on the cable length and thickness. The winding process is faster and the final product is cheaper. This is why we have developed the automatic ring winder series, which works perfectly with our electric and hydraulic portals. The KRI 400 SV winds coils and spools up to 370 mm in diameter, the KRI 800 SV cable coils up to 750 mm in diameter.

A machine operator can also actively override the automatic system during the automatic laying process. This can be helpful, for example, with twisted cables, cables with axial twists or other materials with considerable pre-tension. In this way, the operator can intervene in the automatic process at any time and also correct turning points in the millimeter range. For easier handling, our cable ring winders are optionally available with diameter sensing with optional automatic feed of the guide rollers and a cable feed.

Portioned cables in ring form

  • Semi-automatic cable feed

  • With integrated measuring and cutting unit

  • Automatic rewinding in ring form

  • Precisely fitting
    Laying with traversing laying unit

  • Rewinding onto small reels possible



Portal series electric for unwinding and rewinding cable drums

Hydraulic portal series for unwinding and rewinding cable drums

Drum rewinder with center drive

Vario winder for winding drums & rings