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Our drum feeding systems

Ramatech offers various types of drum feeding systems, as the loading and unloading of large drums into the gantry takes up a significant proportion of the total winding time. Our feeding systems are suitable for different applications.

In our floor-supported infeed system with three buffer positions, the drums are automatically cycled by means of a roller drive. The drums remain on the floor and roll on their own flange. The transfer to the portal is fully automatic.

In the cable feeding system with trolley, the cable drum is loaded individually onto a trolley. The frame traverses on a rail track and is driven into the gantry. There, the drum is measured and automatically transferred to the coiling machine.

The drum feed system with conveyor technology is based on the modular arrangement of roller conveyor/conveyor technology modules. In this way, several winding lines can be approached and drums can be buffered. Depending on the system size, circuits and shuttle systems are possible. The conveyor system can be loaded by forklift truck or fully automatically using storage and retrieval machines.

The Ramatech cable feeding system with turntable consists of a carriage with rotation function. Reels can thus be rotated by 90°, which is an advantage in confined spaces and simplifies forklift loading.

  • Cable drums
    simply load into the portal

  • For different requirements

  • Different
    systems available



Portal series electric for unwinding and rewinding cable drums

Hydraulic portal series for unwinding and rewinding cable drums

Stretched winding portals with extended horizontal frame for drum circuit