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The hydraulic portal series from Ramatech

If you are looking for more power, our hydraulic gantry series is the right choice. Compared to Ramatech’s electric gantry series, the hydraulic gantry series is a more cost-effective drive technology for unwinding small and large cable drums. A high degree of automation can also be achieved with this series thanks to additional options.

The lifting and clamping drive is hydraulic, and the force applied to the quills during clamping can be controlled and adjusted. This means that different drum types and materials can be picked up without damaging the material.

Operator safety is our top priority. In addition to safety fences and light barriers, this is also ensured by the simplified operating process via operating columns, touch screens and remote controls. All portal functions for cable rewinding can therefore be carried out with one hand. This means that even the large drum systems can be easily operated by one person.

Simply rewind heavy cable drums and thick cables

  • Various

  • Cost-effective

  • Simple and safe operation

  • Dynamic winding behavior

  • Standardized
    Measuring, cutting and laying unit



Drum feed systems to load drums into the portal

Portal series electric for unwinding and rewinding cable drums

Drum rewinder with center drive

Ring winder series for winding cable rings