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Our Ramatech unwinding stands

The unwinding stands for cable unwinding are a cost-effective unwinding method. Two operating modes are possible: passive unwinding or active unwinding with a drive wheel. This regulates the unwinding speed and cable tension and supports the operator during the set-up process. Our unwinding stands are available in three sizes, for various cable drum sizes up to a maximum diameter of 3200 mm and a weight of 12 tons.

The basic construction consists of columns anchored in the floor, for which a drum axle is also required. With passive unwinding, the cable is pulled frontally through a coiling machine. With the active cable unwinding option, a drive attachment with wheels and motor is also integrated, which allows more influence on the winding behavior. This allows acceleration, braking and cable tension to be controlled and the cable can be rolled backwards after the cut. Depending on the drum size, the unwinding stands are loaded by hand, forklift/ant or with an overhead crane.


  • For small, medium
    and large drums

  • Cost-effective processing

  • Passive or active unwinding possible

  • Influence on winding behavior due to optional drive

  • Perfect addition to rewinding systems



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