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Ramatech vario winder for winding on drums and in ring form

With our VW 400 and VW 700 vario winders, you can wind thin cables onto reels and in ring form. They are characterized by a high degree of variability. You can switch between winding on small cable spools or in ring form in a matter of seconds. This is made possible by built-in winding mandrels that can be easily extended and retracted using a foot pedal. This makes changeover operation much faster than with Ramatech rewinders with a center drive.

The wound cable coils can be easily tied off. To make this possible, there is a groove for the quick insertion of cable ties and the finished cable ring can be easily rotated using the foot pedal. The pedal can also be used to conveniently open and close the reel fixation. This and the drum or ring holder at table height ensure ergonomic working when winding cables.

Length measurement during installation is carried out via laser length measurement or a measuring wheel.

Winding of rings and on reels in quick change

  • Winding on small drums and rings for thin cables

  • Change between drum and ring in seconds

  • Ergonomic working height

  • High winding speeds

  • Convenient
    Clamping of drums with
    foot pedal



Portal series electric for unwinding and rewinding cable drums

Hydraulic portal series for unwinding and rewinding cable drums

Ring winder series for winding cable rings

Drum rewinder with center drive