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Ramatech Winding machine with center drive

Our W1250 and W1400 cable winding machines for winding cables onto drums work with a friction-locking center drive. This eliminates the need for drive pins or other time-consuming set-up processes.

After rolling the empty drum into the rewinder, the drum is tensioned, lifted and the cable or other winding material is attached. The target length can be entered manually or transferred by scanner. Preset acceleration and deceleration ramps guarantee a smooth start and stop of the winding process. The cable is automatically routed between the left and right drum flanges during the winding process based on an automatic diameter scanning system. Various auxiliary functions are available on the clearly laid out touchscreen of our cable winding machines and information and error messages are displayed.

Optional attachments for winding coils are available. Depending on the model, automatic pre-positioning of the quills and automatic drum take-up processes are possible.

All advantages and features at a glance

  • Proper
    Laying with traversing laying unit

  • Fast and
    easy loading and unloading

  • Integrative collaboration between man & machine

  • "Push-out" function available

  • (Semi-)automatic clamping and lifting



Portal series electric for unwinding and rewinding cable drums

Hydraulic portal series for unwinding and rewinding cable drums

Ring winder series for winding cable rings

Vario winder variable spools on cable rings and drums