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The fully automatic wrapping and packaging system from Ramatech

Ramatech not only offers systems for winding cable coils, but also has experience with packaging and therefore offers automatic cable winding and packaging systems. This means that you receive not just a single machine, but a complete, fully automatic production line with, for example, a cable reel storage system, cable ring winding machine, packaging system and conveyor system.

At the beginning, the cable drum to be processed is unwound evenly from the LA 02 cable drum storage system with drive unit and cable storage and fed to the cable cutting and ring winding machine of our automatic cable winding and packaging system. The cable is wound around the mandrels to the required length, the ring is kept in shape by a device developed by us and automatically transported to the packaging unit by a gripper arm. There, the ring is evenly wrapped in film, for example, and packaged. It is then transported away using a gripper arm and conveyor belt and the finished cable ring is labeled.

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Cable processing systems with paternoster for carousels

Production of elevator shaft and escalator cable harnesses and processing of suspension cables

Cutting machine for rubber profiles and other elastic and pressure-sensitive materials

Processing line for unrolling, cutting and winding heat-shrink tubing