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Kabelwickelmaschinen mit Verlegeeinheit zum Wickeln von Kabeltrommeln und Ringen


Our mobile cable winding machines

Our mobile cable winding machines are always right where you need them. Thanks to their movable rollers, they can be easily moved to where they are needed – i.e. next to the cable drum to be unwound. This makes them the ideal winding machines for our cable reel storage systems. If you are looking for a machine that unwinds cables up to 45 mm in diameter, cuts them to length and rewinds them onto drums or in ring form with a traversing laying unit and is not tied to a specific location, our mobile cable winding machines are the right choice.

With the MW 800 and MTW 1000 mobile cable winding machines, the focus is on winding cable drums. With an optional plug-in ring attachment, however, ring-shaped winding is also possible. The MRW 650, on the other hand, is a pure ring winder.