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Ramatech Mobile Ring Winder MRW 650

Cable ring winder – mobile and flexible? Unlike the MW 800 and MTW 1000 winding machines, which can wind both drums and coils, the MRW 650 is a pure coil winder. We have therefore created a higher capacity for this application. It winds cables up to 45 mm in diameter from a spool frame or reel stand to the required length as a cable ring. Rings with an outer diameter of up to 650 mm and a weight of 50 kg can be wound. In addition to cables, other materials with different diameters can also be processed.

After the cable has been fed through the measuring and laying unit, the end is attached to the ring attachment. After entering the desired target length and the start signal, the winding process starts automatically. The traversing laying unit with adjustable winding speed and turning points ensures clean laying with our cable ring winding machine. The finished coiled ring can be tied with cable ties and removed quickly and easily using fold-down mandrels.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Suitable for various materials

  • Fast rewinding
    from frame or reel stand

  • Mobile use

  • Wrap to ring only

  • Automatic installation
    Installation optionally available



Mobile coiling machine MW 800 for winding drums up to 800 mm in diameter

Mobile coiling machine MTW 1000 and 1000 Pro for coiling drums up to 1000 mm in diameter

You can rewind directly from our cable storage systems at any time with the mobile winders