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Ramatech Mobile coiling machine MTW 1000 and MTW 1000 "Pro" (with hydraulic lifting axis)

If you would like to unwind your cables directly from a reel frame or from a reel storage system, there is the MTW 1000 mobile cable winding machine, which winds cables up to 45 mm in diameter to the desired length onto a cable reel with an external diameter of up to 1000 mm. Unlike the MW 800, the MTW 1000 has a shaft onto which the cable drum can be slid. The drum is then clamped with a clamping cone. On customer request, the MTW 1000 mobile cable winding machine is also available in a “Pro” version with a hydraulically liftable and lowerable lifting axle. The cable can optionally be wound into a ring shape. This is done with a plug-in ring winding attachment.

After picking up the empty drum, the cable end is guided through the measuring and laying unit by a drum bearing or roller block and secured. After entering the desired target length, the winding process starts. The speed can be adjusted at any time. Once the target length has been reached, the device stops and cuts the cable at the mark.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Loading by hand
    or with ant

  • Mobile rewinding
    from frame or roller stand

  • MTW 1000 Pro with hydraulically lifting & lowering
    lifting axle

  • Ring winding attachment & automatic laying optionally available

  • High flexibility & winding power



Mobile ring coilers MRW 650 from Ramatech for mobile coiling cable rings

Mobile drum winder MTW 800 from Ramatech for location-independent winding of drums and optional cable rings

Our mobile cable winding machines are perfect for use on cable reel storage systems