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Fully automatic & driverless transportation of your cables

Our automated guided vehicle system (AGV)

The Ramatech Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) is a fully automated solution for transporting your finished cable coils. Connected to your KRI 450 CBP or KRI 850 CBP ring winding machine, the finished cable coils can be pushed directly onto the automated guided vehicle via a table and transported to the storage location. By controlling the vehicle via the Ramatech automatic coiling machines, direct integration into the wire processing line is possible. Communication between the wire processing machine and the AGV takes place via WLAN or mobile networks. The vehicle is charged during the process with ground loop contacts. It is optionally equipped with an attachment for crates.

The route guide runs via VLS (Virtual Lane Sensor) or magnetic tape and RFID tags. The integrated laser scanner with definable warning and safety zones ensures a slower journey or a complete stop in the event of obstacles in the danger zone.

With our driverless transport system, you can link your production and storage location in an intelligent way.

  • Route guidance via magnetic tape or VLS

  • Fully automatic & driverless removal of cables

  • Linking of production and storage location

  • Perfect addition
    for our ring winding machines


Ring insert attachment for coiling rings for our mobile coiling machines

Automatic changing device KRI-KA for changing cable ring winders and stackers

Tying devices for tying and fixing your pre-wound cable coils

Forklift attachment for easy transportation of cable reels to the drum storage system