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Securely pack cable coils and drums

Our stretch and shrink film packaging systems

For optimum handling and onward transportation, cable coils often not only need to be tied but also securely packaged – Ramatech offers various cable packaging systems for this purpose.

With the manual twisting machine, cable coils of different diameters are evenly wrapped in stretch film and fixed in place. The film tension is adjustable.

The fully automatic shrink-wrapping machine is suitable for products of different sizes and shapes and is characterized by a high cycle output. The product is perfectly centered in the tunnel and the sleeve is evenly sealed.

All cable packaging systems are therefore suitable as downstream equipment for our mobile wrapping machines or ring wrapping machines, for example.

Do you have a different application? We will work with you to find the right solution to package your finished cable products securely.

  • Can be perfectly integrated into a cable processing line

  • Packaging of cable rings and drums

  • Packaging with
    stretch or shrink film


Ring insert attachment for coiling rings for our mobile coiling machines

Tying devices for tying and fixing bound cable rings

Automated guided vehicle system AGV for the automatic removal of finished cable rings

Forklift attachment for easy transportation of cable reels to the drum storage system