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Transport cable drums conveniently

Our forklift truck attachments for transporting cable drums

Ramatech’s forklift attachment for cable drums is the perfect addition to your forklift truck if you regularly need to transport cable drums. With our solutions, the drums are optimally secured against slipping or rolling off the forks and they increase safety and speed when handling drums.

We offer three different types of attachments that can be used on all commercially available forklift trucks.

The simplest and cheapest system consists of two adjustable safety catches that prevent the cable reel from rolling down. The various catches allow the securing devices to be adapted to the respective reel size. The system is available as a continuous plate that is pushed onto the existing forklift forks. You can also order two separate forks with this system for your mobile forks.

The two other forklift attachments for cable drums are pushed onto the existing forklift forks and allow even more convenient handling. The cable drum does not have to be rolled onto the attachment, but the system lifts the cable drum directly at the drum axle. This allows you to load your drum and axle directly into a cable drum storage system or remove them from it. One forklift attachment can handle drums up to 400 kg, the other up to 1,600 kg, with an additional chain to secure it to the forklift mast.

  • Safe transportation
    of cable drums

  • Different types
    of essays

  • Perfect for loading cable drum bearings


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